We built another ExxonMobil Woodland in Taicang 埃克森美孚在太仓再建公益林

Trees are friends of human being. Trees contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. Of course, hundreds of living creatures call trees their home.

The theme of 2014 Earth Day is “Green Cities”. To help the local community become more sustainable, in partnership with NGO and government, ExxonMobil built another woodland in Taicang by planting nearly 300 camphor trees recently. Not only provide financial support, just before the Earth Day, ExxonMobil employee volunteers from Taicang LOBP attended a tree planting event on April 19, Saturday.

“We have been worked with NGO and government on the afforestation program since last year. We are honored to support this meaningful initiative.” said Howard Huang, Taicang LOBP manager, “This is part of our continues effort on environment protection and demonstrated ExxonMobil’s positive impact in the local community.”

Officials from local Environment Protection Bureau and media representatives attended the activity and highly appreciated ExxonMobil's contribution to the society.




“去年我们在太仓市的杨林塘建起了第一片公益林,很高兴能与环保组织和政府合作继续支持这个有意义的项目,” 埃克森美孚(天津)石油有限公司黄兢彬总经理表示:“这是我们长期支持的环保项目的一部分,我们的这一行动也是我们回馈当地社区的很好体现。”



Let’s thank volunteers’ dedication! 让我们衷心感谢员工志愿者的辛勤付出!

Howard Huang 黄兢彬, Mary Peng 彭艳琴, Frank He何帆, Sarah Guo郭志萍,

Benson Zhou周志诚, Nicole Ni倪曌, Lesley Ding 丁华芹, Peng Peng彭鹏,

Zhou Shouyou周寿有, Guo Kaikai顾凯凯, Huang Hao黄浩,

Nora Zhao 赵颉, Claudio Song宋国振, Elin Wang王玲



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